Road Traffic Offences Articles

Motoring offences lawyer says there is no point in creating unenforceable laws, as MPs call for ban on hands-free phone use while driving
August 2019

A Solicitor who specialises in motoring offences has said that there is no point in creating unenforceable laws, after a cross-party group of MPs called for a ban on the use of hands-free phones while driving.

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Palmers road traffic specialist warns that retaining a driving licence after totting up 12 or more points is “far from guaranteed”
January 2018

Jeremy Sirrell, a Partner at Palmers Solicitors who specialises in defending motorists accused of committing road traffic offences has warned that anyone who expects to keep their driving licence after totting up 12 or more points could be sorely disappointed.

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Soaring temperatures can see more drink driving than Christmas, warns leading Essex road traffic lawyer
June 2017

Pouring cold water over the assumption that Christmas and New Year are the peak times for drink-related accidents, one of South Essex’s leading road traffic lawyers has warned that June, July and August on average see more accidents than December and January.

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Leading South Essex road traffic lawyer gives his verdict on dash cams
May 2017

One of South Essex’s leading solicitors specialising in road traffic offences has given his verdict on the dash cam phenomenon, after the AA suggested that restrictions on their use might be necessary.

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Leading South Essex solicitor warns drivers of stiff penalties for using phones while driving
April 2017

One of South Essex’s leading road traffic solicitors has warned drivers that, with stiff penalties now in place for using phones while driving, one offence can easily lead to a driving disqualification where drivers have recently passed their test or have points on their licence.

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HGV firms witness police crackdown on mobile phone use
November 2016

Police are using new methods to spot HGV drivers who are illegally using mobile phones at the wheel, by recruiting ‘community spotters’ as well as ‘spy cabs’ driven by police officers.

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Motorist’s holiday woe as airport parking leads to speeding warning
October 2016

A holidaymaker, who left his car with a ‘meet and greet’ airport parking company, returned from a Greek island getaway to find that his car had been involved in a speeding incident in his absence.

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Lorry driver banned after drink driving whilst delivering beer
June 2016

A lorry driver has been banned for drink driving, after being found to be over the limit whilst driving a 26-tonne HGV laden with beer.

Traffic officers pulled over 52-year-old Brian Dunn, after suspecting that he was over the limit. The incident, which happened in Manchester, in May this year, has resulted in Mr Dunn losing his job at a brewery which has not been named.

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Hands free as distracting as hand held phones – new motoring research claims
June 2016

Researchers at the University of Sussex have concluded that motorists who use hands free phones are just as likely to become distracted as those who use a hand held mobile phone whilst driving.

They discovered that a part of the brain which is normally used to watch the road is also used by individuals to visually imagine what they are talking about.

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Are you affected by the Safer Lorry Scheme?
January 2016

The New Year is a good time to review company procedures and equipment to ensure you are compliant with the latest legislation.

Palmers is reminding clients of the introduction of the Safer Lorry Scheme; a programme launched in collaboration with London’s Councils, The Mayor of London, Transport for London (TfL), and Heathrow Airport.

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