A Guide to Special Reasons in Driving Offences

Special Reasons is a principle which says that with certain driving offences, even if someone is technically guilty of an offence, the court may still not impose a ban, even for an offence like drink driving, where a ban is usually mandatory.

A Guide to Exceptional Hardship in Driving Offences

When a driver accumulates 12 penalty points within a 3 year period the totting up procedure is engaged. Under these circumstances, Court guidelines state that a disqualification from driving should be imposed for at least 6 months.v

A Guide to Careless Driving Offences and Penalties

Driving without due care and attention, also known as careless driving most commonly leads to a court hearing when a driver is involved in an accident, and there is Police involvement either at the scene or at a later point. Often the driver will not realise that the case is going to court until months later.

A Guide to Dangerous Driving Offences & Getting Legal Help

In this video guide, Jeremy Sirrell, partner and specialist on motor offences looks into dangerous driving offences. We find out what constitutes as dangerous driving and why its beneficial to seek expert legal help with a case like dangerous driving.

A Guide to Driving Disqualification Offences & How to Prevent Them

In this guide Jeremy Sirrell, Partner and specialist in motoring offences for Palmers Law looks at driving disqualification offences. We look at what offences can cause a motorist to be disqualified from being able to drive and highlight some routes a motorist can go down in order to prevent disqualification.

A Guide to Drink Driving Offences Including Legal Limits

In this video guide, Jeremy Sirrell, partner and specialist on motor offences looks into drink driving offences. We find out what the current drink driving limits are for breath, blood and urine and what penalties are in place for motorists that are caught drink driving.